Knowledge is potential power. It transforms itself into actual power the moment you decisively act on it.

Robin Sharma

Workshops are powerful tools that increase your knowledge of a specific topic of your interest. However, sometimes workshops can be overwhelming because their content may not be easy to grasp.

The good news is that at Nilka Nutrition, I have translated the complex scientific facts in simple, practical ways that are adapted to the specific audience I am lecturing.

Our workshops are engaging and designed to promote intensive discussion and immediate implementation of the discussed strategies.


We have several workshops that we can deliver to groups:

  • Weight loss From The Inside & Out
  • Counting calories or counting nutrients?
  • What is the 80/20 rule?
  • Food label reading
  • Cravings and weight loss
  • Nutritional comparison between commercial/processed vs. homemade foods

what happens after the workshop if you need more support?

At Nilka Nutrition, we have specially designed comprehensive programs to assist you further:

what do you get?


Participants increase their knowledge by becoming more familiar with terms around nutrition and health/wellness.


Participants feel more confident in making healthy choices that directly impact their wellbeing, such as selecting better quality ingredients for their meals.


Participants build curiosity around nutrition and health/wellness which has a snowball effect on their overall health.

Participants are more motivated and driven to seek ways to move toward a healthier lifestyle.

Our workshop attendees feel better physically and mentally after trying the recommendations they learn at our workshops!

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