new leaf, new you program

Small daily improvements, when done consistently over time, lead to stunning results.

Robin Sharma

The name of the New Leaf, New You Program illustrates the liveliness and vitality we can achieve when we nurture ourselves properly. It is a metaphor that focuses on the transformation process of an autumn leaf to a vibrant green “New Leaf”.

There may be times in women’s life when we resemble an autumn leaf. It is common to hear ourselves saying “I’m gaining weight despite my efforts”, “I don’t have the energy to do the things I like”, “I cannot concentrate”, “My mood is all over the place”, “My periods are out of whack”, “I’m suffering from night sweats and/or hot flashes”, “My libido is out of the window”. No woman should ever think that this is a normal part of life. Your body is a perfect machine that only needs the right fuel to flourish and transform into a “New You”, and I can help you with that!

This comprehensive and customized program identifies the underlying issues that lead you to experience all these symptoms and addresses them head-on with accessible, achievable nutrition and lifestyle habit modifications. In response to your primary concerns, you are provided with a series of recommendations customized especially for YOU.

how is the New Leaf, New You program different from other one-on-one programs?

One of the key differentiators of this program is that I work hand in hand with you, ensuring that you always feel guided and supported.

You will receive daily check-in messages and have full access to asking me any questions you may have via email or text. I will provide timely and assertive feedback about your meals and make appropriate corrections on the spot, so you never feel lost.

By developing a new eating mindset and simple habit modifications, you will learn to sustain a healthier lifestyle and maintain these positive changes over the long term.

what do you get?


Through continuous one-on-one coaching, you will learn the unique underlying issues responsible for your hormone imbalances and the symptoms you are experiencing.

You will understand your body cues and the messages your body sends you when there are imbalances.


You will receive tailored nutritional and lifestyle recommendations along with customized meal and snack ideas.

You will become more independent and will be able to make wise choices that will directly impact your quality of life in the long run while receiving professional guidance and encouragement along the way.


You will feel more energetic, focused, more creative, have a stable mood, and a healthy self-image. Your hormones will be balanced, and you will inevitably keep your weight under control.

Best of all, you will finally learn how to maintain these results over the long term.

how does it work?

First Session: Intake

We will discuss the key aspects contributing to your hormone imbalances and the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. We will work together to determine your short and long-term goals, and I will provide you with a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle program to get you started on your journey to optimal health.

Within the following five business days, you will receive a client report highlighting the main points of our discussion and meal ideas tailored to your needs.

Second Session

This session is scheduled between 1 and 2 weeks after you receive your personalized nutritional and lifestyle program.

For this session, you can choose between these two options:

Grocery Store Tour

Although the “Grocery Store Tour” is optional, it is HIGHLY recommended.

This is a customized experience where we will visit a grocery store of your choice. I will guide you on picking the best food options available based on your likes and the meal recommendations I gave you to solve your main concerns.

Some of the key points you will learn here are:

  • the 80/20 shopping rule
  • how to read food labels and their importance
  • “good, better, best” consumer mindset

Having this knowledge will empower you to continue your journey to a healthier lifestyle more effectively and, ultimately, independently.

Follow-Up Session

If you feel confident enough to make the right choices when grocery shopping, we can skip the “Grocery Store Tour” and schedule a follow-up session.

Here, we will discuss your progress since our first appointment, and we will reassess your goals to ensure that you keep yourself on track. We may make modifications to your nutrition and lifestyle program, if necessary.

Third Session

This appointment is scheduled 3 to 4 weeks after the second session.

Here, we will continue discussing your progress, addressing any barriers or challenges that may arise. Together, we will reevaluate your goals, and if needed, I will adapt your nutrition and lifestyle recommendations accordingly. Additionally, I will bring in topics relevant to your main concerns to increase your awareness and foster independence.

By the end of the program, you will have built a toolbox full of knowledge and strategies to implement throughout your journey. This toolbox will empower you and make you feel more confident when making choices towards sustaining a long-lasting healthy lifestyle.

* Additional sessions can be scheduled as desired.

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